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Lead vocalist Eric Ostberg has garnered a distinguished music career as a songwriter, violinist and lead vocalist for groups Meniskus, from Boulder, CO, and Lead Pipe Conservatory Band, hailing from Harrison, AR.  At the tender age of 5, his parents placed a violin in his hands and he has never looked back.  Classically trained in violin and voice, Ostberg had performed in Germany and Carnegie Hall before graduating high school.  Gaining a taste for rock and roll in his high school band Midnight Sun, he joined a Dave Matthews tribute band called Tripping Billies, where he got to tour the U.S. and get his first experience in the professional music world.  Ostberg is an avid fan of jazz, classical, 90’s alternative, Phish, and Grateful Dead (though he respects and listens to almost anything).  After going back to college many years later, he got a Master’s Degree in teaching, and is currently weighing the prospects of a post-COVID world.  He is still active in writing and performing.



Guitarist and singer Joe Hewitt has been playing guitar for 25 years, has been performing for 22 years, and has taught guitar lessons for 15 years.  Hewitt’s guitar expertise adds depth to tunes of many genres through textured rhythms, intriguing chords, and masterful melodic riffs, but he also indulges in the occasional face-peeling solo to the sweet delight of rock-guitar fans everywhere. Influenced by Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin and John Scofield, Hewitt has performed in Arizona with Billy Dean, was mentored by drummer Tim Pope (former drummer for Ray Charles), and has performed with various bands all over Arkansas, Texas and Missouri.



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By age 6, bassist Tony Foster could drive a dump truck and a lawn mower on the family farm, but hadn’t even heard of a bass guitar. A few years later, he was up and running with a bass from Sears & Roebuck and has since performed with several bands crossing many genres including classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, funk, pop, R&B, blues and country. As a bassist, Foster’s focus has always been on versatility of style while locking in with the band’s drummer to take audiences on a groove.  Foster has recorded bass tracks on several artist-produced albums, and has spent the last few years honing his skills as an audio engineer tracking, mixing, and mastering live and studio albums for Arkansas-based bands JagNasty, White Mansion, and Vintage Pistol.  Foster and the guys from Lead Pipe Conservatory band are currently putting together their debut original album.



Drummer Ryan Everly is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer from the Branson, MO area. He first started receiving drum lessons at the age of 8 years old. By the age of 12, he also had begun piano and guitar lessons. At the age of 15, Everly started playing drums professionally with The Young Branson Stars who opened up for Steve Wariner and Shenandoah during their 1995 national tour. Currently he is the drummer for Lead Pipe Conservatory Band, and the bass guitar player for the band Southern Confession; both based out of Harrison, AR. When he's not performing live, Everly is composing, arranging and recording original instrumentals, as well as recording different instrument tracks for other bands and solo musicians.
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